Videomarine is the leading company in design and installation for extra-luxury audio-video systems. After several years of collaboration Ernesto Mastrangelo and Alessandro Biondi finally joined together and founded Videomarine in 2008.
Videomarine are dealers for top brands and the best in home entertainment, they take care of everything from installing to maintaining. They provide the best for the best.
Even if Videomarine also deal with Home entertainment for homes and institutions they specialise in luxurious yachts. Their speciality is customizing luxurious designs that compliment the unique interior of each individual yacht. Maintaining the same quality and elegance while creating a unique and personalised ambience.


The entertainment system's planning and design you find aboard are a fundamental aspect for us. Thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, today we are able to control any device and manage many operations with just one touch of a tablet. Our systems are designed to make this as simple and intuitive as possible. Allowing even the most reluctant people to easily use multimedia automation technology. 



We have come a long way from the times when navigating was based on using the sun, moon and stars to determine geographical positions. With the constant development of technology the navigating style has been completely transformed.  Videomarine is the chosen company for installing navigation systems by some of the most important names in this sector such as Furuno an Raymarine.


Internet is a public network that allows the world to be connected.  It has been the main method of communication for the mass from the moment it was introduced. We could say it has become a vital part of our life and comunication.  Thus being an important aspect within the instalation for Videomarine guaranteeing an efficient and reliable service even in the open sea, using only the best of brands, such as: KVH, Netskipper, Peplink, Cisco Package.


Our TVCC systems are designed to last and function  even in the worst conditions that you can find at sea. Their efficiency, however, depends on the safety control aboard. Above all they are  undoubtedly useful for some of the navigation phases. This is the reason that we ensure that the safety control and viewing can not only be managed on board from the TVCC system itself, but also from wherever you find yourself using other devices such as a personal tablet or phone.


Telephones aboard are undoubtedly useful instruments. They are reliable and simple to use. We believe, however,that they are also an important aspect of the interior design. That is why we use high quality appliances and are very attentive to the kind of designs chosen as well as the installation position.