Cantiere delle Marche explores the world of sea and navigation.
Faces, thoughts and visions of a dynamic evolution, reflecting strength and clarity, tension and dynamic balances. CdM Experience is the magazine for those who discover by experience.

We are looking at the world because we provide the means to cross it and know it in its most intimate essence, the sea. We look to the entire world, the old, the new, and the emerging. We love to offer our clients the luxury and comfort, but also our efficiency and experience. From Italy, our base of operations, home to some of the most renowned shipyards, we offer to all sea lovers edge products and services of the highest standard.

Metamarine's shipyard, thanks to its experience and the obsessive search for perfection in design and technology, internally manufactures and sells components for racing and pleasure boats.

As a Bose Pro Partner, we are always up to date on the entire range of Bose products and we can count on the support of a dedicated team of engineers, product managers and technicians. Through this synergy, we are able to ensure the production of high performance sound systems, installed in accordance with the highest standards of excellence.

Gammalta is a pure distribution company for the Italian market, devoted entirely to the support of a network of specialists in domotics and custom installation.

The word CLUB, entered in the company name, is not present for a randomness or simply originality of choice: Identifies a very precise way of conceiving the relationship between the company and its partners, whether they are resellers or installers or end users. It's a connotation of the professional background and knowledge developed over several decades of years in the Hi-Fi and Custom Installation sectors.

Know IT operates in the world of Information & Communication Technology since 2000, providing Networking, Storage and Security infrastructures.
Our services are based on the "knowledge" of technologies and market. We create secure, stable and performing platforms in line with the requirements of our customers' main business.

The slogan "Sea & Symphony moves your desires", summarizes our philosophy.
It could be added that our mechanisms never break.
No one has yet managed to match S&S to which the market continues to recognize leadership.